While at his previous job, Mr.Shah realised that market participants were in dire need of crisp, clear and noiseless advice which is not possible in a large set-up. Why? As there in overflow of data/analysis and, therefore, in such a scenario the actionable thesis is lost.

Keeping these aspects in mind, Goldilocks has been founded with the vision to cater to the large trading and investing community in India. The company’s foundation is based on honesty, sincerity and clarity.

Goldilocks’ vision is to capture big trends and present the same to its valued subscribers in a simplistic manner. The company believes and follows the motto: "You Grow, We Grow!" Goldilocks’ goal is to ensure that subscribers associated with the company are able to maximise the financial markets and achieve their financial goals.

Not many people are aware but a very large number of market participants are unable to generate returns despite innumerable analytical tools that are on offer. What separates a successful trader/investor from an unsuccessful one you ask? Filtering of information and risk management. At Goldilocks, we imbibe these concepts in the trading/investing culture of our subscribers to aid them in reaching their goal and become successes. The Indian PM’s vision is to make India a 5 trillion economy. At Goldilocks we believe that by the time this vision is realised, financial markets will gain significantly from the same. As a result, market participants will also benefit. At Goldilocks, we will help you correctly position yourself to make use of this phase of growth.