Thought Behind Goldilocks

Goldilocks means “to be at the right place at the right time”

To illustrate, the Earth is at a Goldilocks position i.e. it is neither too close nor too far from the sun, thereby sustaining life. This name relates well to the trends and movements in the financial markets. A Goldilocks economy is one that is not too hot or cold. To put it simply, it sustains moderate economic growth and has low inflation, allowing for a market-friendly monetary policy.

Keeping these pivotal aspects in mind, Goldilocks has been founded with the vision to offer in-depth and valuable professional advice. A right balance of conservativeness and aggression is required to help investors generate alpha or super normal returns and Goldilocks is on the path to achieve this.

Our Beliefs

Goldilocks Premium Research is all about “thinking out-of-the-box” and “catching big trends.”

Our interaction with most successful traders and investors in the country throw up insights, which reveal that one needs to be positioned well prior to and during a major trending phase. Most successful investors have made their fortune riding the phase without bothering about day-to-day moves. An example of this philosophy – to put things into perspective – is the view at the beach – one should be positioned to play the waves and not bother about the ripples that are difficult to catch as these are temporary and insignificant.

At Goldilocks we strongly believe risk management is the key to long-term sustainability and wealth creation at the markets. Our approach will keep this integral aspect in mind at all times. We are not here to prove ourselves “right” about market movements, but about how we can generate returns taking minimal risk.

How we are Different

Goldilocks believes in "trade less, earn more"

Having interacted with people/participants in retail, HNI, Institutions, Hedge Funds, we realised that the biggest problem for many in the market was "trying too hard" and "doing a lot more than required." At the market only a simplistic approach is needed. After all there are only two options – buy or sell! Our product is based on the idea of trading less and earning more. This not only leads to less execution cost, but also keeps one mentally at ease.

At Goldilocks we also believe in the long term versus myopic goals. In the current scenario everyone is busy playing “T20” at whatever they are doing (viewers in sports, students at exams, people at work etc). The idea of long-term is gradually losing its meaning as people opt for short-term solutions that appear easy because they are quicker. Infact, at the stock market the introduction of weekly options has made most participants aggressive and risk-takers. We at Goldilocks go back to our roots of investing for the long-term as we strongly believe wealth creation can only happen over time. Our professional advice will be based on this very philosophy.